Copy for Critique

Nobody said Learning Copy is Easy – Because Nobody Knew


As a new copywriter, do you feel SWAMPED BY INFORMATION you don’t know how to use?

Do you feel like you’ve hit a BRICK WALL in your progress?

You’re not alone. Most new copywriters face these feelings at some point.

If you’re looking for a scapegoat – I blame the internet. It’s just too easy now to collect a truckload of information, most of which you’ll never need.

But don’t despair… because I’ve got something that could be just perfect for you.

I’ve found an effective shortcut to writing great copy. And I came up with it to deal with the Information Overload problem you’re facing right now.

I came up with it because I know what it’s like where you are. I’ve been there.

I also took courses, read books and spent hours on the web.

I scanned, skimmed, bookmarked, swiped, copied, pasted, and saved a mountain of information. I read every last word of it several times over – and hoped it would stick.

And when I thought I was ready to go… I found a project and sat down to write copy. That’s when I ran head-first into my own BRICK WALL. It’s called…
Blank Page Panic


You probably know what it feels like already.

You stare at a white screen. At top left the cursor blinks politely. It’s waiting for your input… but you don’t have any. Your mind’s empty. You get desperate and tap out a few words. Read them back and wince.

A voice whispers bad thoughts in your ear – “you’re wasting your time you know. Copywriting is a black art. It’s a secret club of copy magicians in a special hidden place…  and you’re not invited. What the hell are you doing anyway? Where did you get this crazy idea from? Get a real job… stop dreaming!”

I desperately needed…

A Way Out of this Mess.


Blank Page Panic is a disconnect between theory and practice. Between having information… and knowing how to use it to write great copy.

But when I was there I knew nothing about this. I had to do it the hard way.

I worked out that most copywriters must have faced Blank Page Panic at some point… and dealt with it. How did they do that? Maybe they just ploughed on until something fell into place.

I had no other choice. I took that route. I forced myself to press on, get over the hump and move forward.

But it wasn’t easy. I gave it everything I had for six hard months. And I made progress… but not nearly enough. I was frustrated and knew I had to find a better way.

Either that… or find something else to do.

So I made the decision. I put writing copy on hold to look for a better way. And after 8 months of wrong turns and blind alleys… I found it.

And it wasn’t just better. It was really special. I found a way to…


Revolutionize the way you learn to write copy


But before I tell you what it is – let’s drill down and put a face on the problem.

We already know that when you first start out – all the copy goodness you’ve scraped off the net and taken from your courses… is not where you need it to be.

It’s on your hard drive, Kindle or bookshelf… it’s not in your head.

And that’s a problem – because information only becomes knowledge when it’s in your head.

Beginners have information – experts have knowledge.

To transform information into knowledge takes study and practice. It also takes time. It’s a long process.

I wanted to shortcut that process… and a tech solution had to be the way to go. I needed software which could:

  • Store all the information needed on an indexed database
  • Fetch the right information instantly when needed
  • Deliver it the copywriter with contextual help and examples.


I wanted to synthesize the behaviour of a good copywriters’ brain.

So I called Jeff.

He’s my old college buddy… and my go-to to man for tech. I told him what I needed… and we sat down to brainstorm up a wireframe.

Then Jeff locked himself away – and came out of his hole 6 weeks later with a beta for our new web app.

He pulled it up on a screen and I played with it for 20 minutes… and was blown away. Even on this clunky beta I felt a surge of confidence. I could see straight off… with a little more work this thing could be a revelation.

And that made me happy… because confidence is crucial to learning anything quickly… and that includes writing great copy.


Confidence is everything


And if you want to know why that is… try this –

Think of something you’re really good at… and I mean really good… as in “I can do this standing on my head with my eyes closed” good.

Choose something that’s not easy, something most people are not good at. Could be anything… open heart surgery… playing tennis – you choose. Now think back. And try to remember how you got good at it.

Not how you started doing it… How you got good at it. I’m pretty sure you’ll find you got good because you were confident in your ability to do so.

Maybe not right out the blocks… but pretty soon after that… you were confident enough to put in the work and achieve excellence. The truth is… tackle any new challenge with confidence, you get good fast.

So from the outset – we put a big emphasis on creating a confidence building environment.

Like the feeling you get when you slip behind the wheel of a great car for the first time. Everything’s where it should be and falls to hand naturally.

We think we’ve done it.

Let’s see what you think.


Your Copy Confidence Builder


  • What if there was a unique purpose built environment for new copywriters to learn and write copy?
  • What if that place was a web app instantly accessible on any connected device… anywhere?
  • What if that place had a built in roadmap to quick effective learning?
  • What if there was an innovative and purpose built text editor – with Hemingway App functionality built in – to write your copy.

(auto checks your copy for clarity and brevity as you type)

  • What if right from that text editor… with one click you could get:
  • great indexed topic specific wisdom on every aspect of copywriting… carefully selected from the great copywriters and other respected sources and SPECIFIC CONTEXTUAL HELP – WITH EXAMPLES on how to use that information.
  • step by step instructions on how to construct a sales letter
  • a huge choice of proven headline and sub headline templates
  • psychological insights on what makes people buy and how to sell.
  • expert advice on method, style and tone of writing with

insights on persuasion and sales

  • solid gold tips on editing, reviewing and improving your copy
  • a great how-to on establishing trust and credibility
  • links to extended information on all topics if you really want to dig deep
  • a huge thesaurus and database of power words and

expressions with an intuitive auto suggest function


Would that build your confidence?

Can you see now that you need a tool like this… to rocket you through to writing clear effective copy in record time? Yes?

Then prepare to take your seat at:


Copy Command and Control


Copy Command and Control is the copywriter’s version of mission command and control on the Starship Enterprise. It’s a console where you have every option you can imagine (and some you can’t) all designed to help you produce great copy. CCC puts you in total control of your copywriting mission… and is right there to help you every step of the way. You write copy with all the best wisdom and tools… at your fingertips.

How does CCC work?

 CCC is a web app based around a designed for copy text editor. Running in the background there’s a huge indexed database packed with knowledge, tips, templates, howto’s, swipe files and other copy goodness. Pull up anything you want with one click. Get what you need – when you need it – right in front of you… always.

And there’s also a great set of tools to speed up your admin and editing. Everything’s slick, quick and intuitive. First time out you’ll feel right at home. Everything you need is to hand right there in front of you on your console.

And you get a whole set of…


Extra Great Features

Everything we’ve talked about already…

And a whole lot more…

  • Templates for headlines, bullets, letters, email, web copy, landing pages and many more…
  • Regular updates with the best of new copy knowledge as it appears… with email notification
  • Links back to original material if you really want to dig deep
  • HTML5 conversion for your web copy
  • Push button view for different fonts and styles
  • Auto suggest for layout and spacing improvements
  • Auto back up with user specified interval
  • User community forum
  • Save to app or locally (or both)



What CCC can do for you


With CCC you will…


  • Write copy with 50 of the great masters of copy looking over your shoulder – timeless wisdom a keystroke away. Great copy information with contextual help to convert that into knowledge.
  • Slide smoothly into your opening copy. The end of Blank Page Panic. You’ve covered the bases and you are calm and confident. Great copy flows when your knowledge gaps are covered.
  • Learn as you write get creative and explore the deep side of your craft. Uncover powerful copy weapons and techniques with a single keystroke… and grow your skills at the same time.
  • Enjoy your craft. Unleash the creative muse and revel in your new skills. Read your copy back and see it ‘jump off the page’. You never knew you could do that – right? 
  • Fast track your copy progress to conversions and sales success. This is where you are measured as a copywriter – everything else is hot air. This is where you make your mark… and join the elite circle.
  • Benefit from our active engaged community. Help and learn from your copywriting peers. Offer critiques and get them for your own work. Be as public or as private as you want. You choose.

Are there other options to CCC?

CCC is a brand new approach and no conceptual options exist yet. I’ve looked hard and there’s nothing else like it right now. So you’ll have to look at more mainstream ways to learn this craft if you want options.

A course would probably come closest… and with the right materials and teacher you should do ok. But be ready to pay $5000 or more, or you’ll be doing most of it on your own. To even come close to CCC you’ll need one on one coaching from a pro… and that doesn’t come cheap. Pro’s make big money writing copy… so you pay big money for their time.

With only CCC and some effort, you’ll write tight effective copy within a month… and make incremental improvements from there. And remember… we update CCC daily with new trends, ideas and innovation. It’s a time-proof tool. You buy into your future success.


If you’re not sure that CCC is for you… if you’re happy with your current progress or don’t think you need CCC to move forward… then that’s ok. We understand. We don’t want to push you into anything you’re not sure about.

But ask yourself these 3 questions before deciding.


  • Will it take me longer to get there without CCC?


  • Will it be harder to find all the information and technique we have on our platform without CCC?

          Almost certainly

  • Will I be kicking myself five years down the road – for not taking the CCC option?

           Without a doubt

You could get to your destination without CCC. But if you don’t, you’ll realize there’s often a cost associated with not taking action. In this case, it’s going to be a lot higher than the cost of taking action would have been. So if you don’t need a shortcut and have plenty of time – then maybe CCC really isn’t for you. But think carefully… the stakes are high.

Remember… CCC’s not just about fast learning. Successful copywriters are using our platform right now for the great editing tools. You can read their comments below.

Whatever you need, our mission is to help copywriters… and we can help you get to where you want to be.

And you have nothing to lose by taking us for a test drive… and it won’t cost you a cent to do that. Read on and find out how to test drive CCC for 3 months… at no cost!


What our users are saying


“Absolutely cracking app. Very quick and smooth to use. Unbelievable collection of tips, tricks and plenty of `highlight’ worthy nuggets of wisdom. I was sceptical until I tried it, now it’s my default copy editor.


Mike R, Copywriter


 “I am about to launch my copywriting career. Starting from scratch I was looking at the options for a good course when I came across this. I am 3 months down the road now and I have not felt the need to get a course at all. The depth of information available is incredible. Great support also – a small saving issue was quickly fixed. And they called me!


Jeanette Sky


“Cannot recommend this highly enough. Beginner or experienced copywriter, there’s plenty here to make your life easier. Why did nobody come up with this before?


Paul M, web copywriter

Here’s the Deal – Right Now you can get CCC at our crazy $12/month early adopters price… with our cast iron 100% money back guarantee.

Test Drive CCC for 3 whole months… and if it’s not for you – We’ll Happily Return Your Money – no questions asked.


So you really have nothing to lose. You can lift your copywriting to whole new levels in just weeks – risk free.

Choose wisely… and down the line you’ll remember this moment with a quiet nod to yourself. Because with CCC and some honest effort, you will be a successful copywriter by then. You can have the independence, financial freedom and self-respect you want… sooner than you can imagine.

But you have to make the right choice now.



By clicking the link below… you can test drive CCC risk-free for 3 months. Best of all, you don’t have to come up with a lump sum payment to get in on this deal. We operate on a subscription basis… and all you will pay to use this amazing app right now is $12. That’s your first month’s subscription and you’ll be debited the same amount every month until you tell us to stop… and that won’t happen… we promise.

So go ahead and


(insert buy link here)


 Our Cast Iron Guarantee to You

At any time in your first 3 months you can cancel… and we will happily refund you the payments you have made up to that point. Test drive your copywriting future 100% risk free.

When you click the link you will be taken to our secure payment area. Once you have made payment we will email you the link to your own CCC dashboard. We’ll be there to help you set up your console. There’s also 24/7 live help from the support link on your dash board.


PS. STOP PRESS! We’ve just released our brand new search algorithm – which will find you the best contextual information based on what you are doing at the time.

PPS. WARNING! Our accountants are telling us that we need to charge more for this product. The price has to go up soon. So get in quickly and we’ll honour the $12/month price for 3 years. But don’t delay… this could change at any time.

PPPS. THIS IS the quickest and best way into the copywriting big leagues. If you feel you belong there – this is your shortcut. But don’t believe us. Try it risk free.