Negative Reframe

Nicotine Replacement Option negative reframe

Sure – on the face of it, nicotine replacement looks good. I mean… if us smokers can get our hit from patches or gum… then hell why not? Got to be less dangerous than smoking cigarettes right?

But hold on a second… smoking’s a lot more than just nicotine. As smokers we pretty much run our lives around smoking moments of pleasure… and that’s much more complex than a simple nicotine fix.

There are a whole raft of pleasurable sensations associated with smoking… nicotine is just one of them.

Smoking is a ceremony – a small celebration we give ourselves every time we pop out for a smoke. Take that away and life starts to look pretty damn empty… and you not getting that back with an expensive piece of nasty tasting gum or a patch.

Smoking is a lifestyle diseasenot just a bad habit. If you really want to beat this thing – you can do it – but you have to look at this in terms of a lifestyle change……


Hypnotherapy option negative reframe

Hypnotherapy also sounds pretty good.

You lie on your back – listen to some weird music – a soothing voice… and have your mind reprogrammed. Then you wake up a non-smoker. That does sound good!

But read the T’s and C’s before you jump on board. Seems you have to believe that it will work for it to work… so you have to have a little faith in the ‘woowoo’ stuff before you try this one.

You will also need a whole bunch of sessions… and they don’t come cheap.

Therapists claim a 40% success rate if it’s done correctly. So who decides what ‘correctly’ is? Are there exams for hypnotherapists? Real authentic ones?

Most scientific tests on hypnotherapy have been inconclusive…  and the jury is still out on this one.

Bottom line. This might work for you – but it’s no magic bullet.