Cocoa flavanols concentrate 900

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Cocoa Flavanols are a unique bioactive extract from the raw cacao bean. Cocoa Flavanols offer a wide range of health benefits due to their proven ability to improve and increase blood circulation. Every organ and all tissue in the human body depends on healthy blood circulation to function correctly.

Cocoa Flavanols also offer strong antioxidant properties. Please refer to the information on this website for a broader knowledge of what cocoa flavanols can do and how they work before decide whether to buy. Also read the Product “Description” below.

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This is a maximum dosage of cocoa flavanol concentrate. You should take this dosage to counter the effects of ageing and to potentially start reversing these effects. When deciding to buy cocoa flavanols, choose the appropriate dosage.

This is a monthly dosage and consists of 62 capsules, each containing 450mg of flavanol concentrate. These should be taken at 2 capsules per day.

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